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5 Best Audiologists In Houston

March 31, 2021
Blake Cadwell
Written by
Blake Cadwell
Blake Cadwell

Blake Cadwell is a hearing aid wearer and co-founder at Soundly. He regularly tests and reviews hearing technology to share his experience with Soundly’s readers. Blake's research and perspectives have been featured in the The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, AARP and FastCompany.

Soundly Staff
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Soundly Staff
Soundly Staff
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Living in Houston means that there are a lot of audiologists to choose from. I know from personal experience that this can take hours of research, so we've rounded up 5 of the best audiologists in Houston based on reviews and location.

Every practice listed here receives 5-star reviews, works to the highest professional standards, and truly cares for their patients. Here are the best audiologists to choose from.

If you are just getting started you might like our free online hearing test or this beginners guide to hearing health with Dr. Amy Sarow.

#1. The Center for Audiology

Center for Audiology Houston.jpeg

The Center for Audiology is a privately owned practice with locations in the Houston Galleria area and Pearland. The founding audiologist at this practice is Dr. Sara Nagel; Dr. Nagel received both BS and MA degrees from Brooklyn College, City University of New York. She then furthered her education with an AuD from A.T. Still University-Arizona School of Health Sciences. After some time working in Houston as a pediatric audiologist and a professor of Audiology Dr. Nagel opened her leading audiology practice. She has built a team of two other audiologists and a hearing instrument specialist.

The Center for Audiology has over 200 four- and five-star reviews on Google. Here are just two reviews that capture the feelings of all their clients:

After wearing a hearing aid on and off for 4 years, I found Dr. Sara Nagel at Center for Audiology. She has worked with me for several months during which time I’ve tried different styles of hearing aids until I found something that is highly effective, secure and comfortable. Beyond being kind and accommodating, she is most intelligent and skilled in making computer adjustments to the hearing aids that has led to the most natural and clearest hearing I’ve experienced in many years. She is a true professional, dedicated to her clients and her profession! – BS

I have been most impressed with Dr. Nagel’s thorough knowledge of audiology and her patience in answering my many questions. This is my third try with hearing aids, but this time I’ve finally found a winner! – JH

Find hours and more treatment details for The Center for Audiology here.

Check out reviews for The Center for Audiology on Yelp and Google.

#2. Memorial Hearing

Memorial Hearing Houston.jpeg
Houston Memorial Audiologist.jpg

Memorial Hearing is based in Memorial and has been serving the greater Houston area since 2009. There are two great audiologists at this practice, Dr. Elly Pourasef and Dr. Crystal Wiggins.

Dr. Elly Pourasef has been helping patients with hearing impairment since 2003, and has the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to diagnose and treat hearing issues. After opening Memorial Hearing in 2009, Dr. Pourasef and her team have helped hundreds of patients across Houston to improve their lives. She believes in taking the time to counsel her patients and make sure that she answers all questions and concerns to ensure that they are happy and never left wondering.  

Dr. Crystal Wiggins has been practicing for over 13 years in the area, and has a passion for helping patients achieve a better quality of life. She extends this by traveling to countries such as Guatemala to help people there and set up audiology clinics in underserved communities.

The practice has a five-star rating on both Google and Yelp with more than 120 combined reviews. You’ll even them on TikTok (@doctorelly) (@drwigginsmemorialhearing) where you can really see some of the fun they have with their patients!

Here are just two reviews that show just how much they care:

Dr. Elly helped my aunt with her first pair of hearing aids. She was very professional, friendly & knowledgeable! Great experience! She answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable. You can tell Dr. Elly is really passionate about audiology and providing the right solutions for her patients. Highly recommended! – Allisen

Dr. Pourasef is a refreshing combination of professionalism with a down-to-earth personality. Without question, her client’s welfare comes first. She strives to do whatever she can to improve her client’s quality of life. During each of my visits her attitude is “ok, let’s see what we can do to make things better, let’s take care of whatever it is that’s bothering you, let’s fix this with minimal fuss!” She really cares about improving your life by improving your hearing! – Paul

If you recognize Dr. Elly it might be because she appeared on the Bravo show Married to Medicine Houston. You can find more information about that here.

Find hours and more treatment details for Memorial Hearing here.

Check out reviews for Memorial Hearing on Yelp and Google.

#3. Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C.

Allison Houston Audiologist.jpeg
Houston Audiologist Allison.jpeg

Allison Audiology, based in Memorial, has been helping the people of Houston for more than 20 years to provide them with the personalized hearing care they need, including prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation.

There are 3 top audiologists at Allison Audiology – Rebecca Kohout is the lead doctor and joined the practice in 2015 after leaving one of the largest Ear, Nose and Throat groups. Erin Arceneaux-Larson started at the practice as a student extern and joined the clinic upon graduating in 2017. Jana Emola-Austin joined the practice in 2008 as a doctoral intern and joined permanently upon graduating.

With over 220 glowing reviews on Google and a dozen on Yelp, it is easy to see why Allison Audiology makes this list. These reviews are a good indication of what people had to say:

I’ve been going to Allison Audiology for a couple years now with my hearing aids. They are always so nice, on time, helpful, and professional. My life has changed with having hearing aids and glad I found Allison Audiology. Thank you to Ryan, the front desk, as well as Stephanie who is also very helpful. – Cathie

Excellent specialists at Allison. Been using them for years and highly respect their suggestions. Go see them if you want to hear better! – Steve

Find hours and more treatment details for Allison Audiology here.

Check out reviews for Allison Audiology on Yelp and Google.

#4. The Hearing Health Center of Houston

Houston Audiologist Hearing Center.jpeg

The Hearing Health Center of Houston, based in River Oaks, was founded by Dr. Sunita Kavrie over 12 years ago. Dr. Kavrie started her career four decades ago in Mumbai as a speech-language pathologist and audiologist. After moving to the US in 1986, Dr. Kavrie earned her doctorate at the University of Cincinnati in speech-language pathology and spent a further 3-years on a postdoctoral clinical fellowship at the renowned Mayo Clinic.

There are two other audiologists at the practice, Sarah Williams who specializes in cochlear implants and personalized fittings, and Kaley Murry, who specializes in fittings and wireless connectivity.

The Hearing Center of Houston has a mission of ‘Rebuilding Lives. Shaping Futures.’ with each staff member giving you the time you need to get the best, personalized hearing care. The Hearing Health Center of Houston has 20+ 4- to 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google. Here are just a couple of reviews that capture the response:

A phenomenal audiology clinic with fantastic staff! I was first impressed with their safety procedures during COVID-19. You can go there and feel safe! Carla at the front desk is very friendly and always helpful. Dr. Murry is incredible and goes above and beyond for her patients. It’s a good feeling to see a doctor that genuinely cares and takes the time to hear out any concerns you have. She’s very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain things thoroughly to her patients. Make an appointment and you won’t regret it! – Lacey

My husband and I finally found a hearing center that really truly cares about their patients. We were blown away by their courteous and professional attention yesterday. Dr. Williams explained in detail to us what other doctors never told us. We cannot be more pleased and blessed to have found The Hearing Health Center of Houston. Thank you so much. – Dahlia

Find hours and more treatment details for The Hearing Health Center of Houston here. A huge benefit of this practice is they offer online appointment scheduling with your preferred audiologist.

Check out reviews for The Hearing Health Center of Houston on Yelp and Google.

#5. Clarity Hearing

Clarity Hearing Houston Audiologist _.jpg
Clarity Hearing Houston Audiologist.jpg

Clarity Hearing can be found at five locations around Houston, with the original clinic found in St. Luke’s Medical Complex in The Woodlands.

Since 2012, the leading team of Audiologists at Clarity Hearing have been helping their community with all their hearing care needs, with a particular focus on hearing health.

The 20 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google show just how much Clarity Hearing has helped and cared for their clients. Here are two standout reviews:

It was about six years ago when I first noticed I had a hearing loss. I had missed out on so many conversations. My biggest fear was that I could not be helped with my hearing. Shawn is the greatest! The staff were so friendly. Shawn was so compassionate. I really felt like she cared so much. Hearing aids have made my life complete. Clarity Hearing is the place to come to because they go above and beyond to help people. Shawn is a jewel! – Mary

Top-notch customer service. I cannot begin to explain or go into enough detail on Dr. Hawkins and her level of professionalism. She literally treated me like I was part of her family. (That’s how I felt anyway.) The level of service I received is nothing I’ve experienced before. So much so that I had my dad visit Dr Hawkins when he drove down for a visit from Tulsa. He wasn’t happy with his hearing aid provider in Oklahoma. Thank you Dr Hawkins and your amazing staff. Thank you for setting an amazing standard of service that is unfortunately not standard in this day and age. You’re amazing! – Ben

Find hours and more treatment details for Clarity Hearing here. Their locations are in Conroe, The Woodlands, Tomball, North Cypress, and Wharton, so you’re likely to have a location near you.

Check out reviews for Clarity Hearing on Yelp and Google.

That's the list

We hope you’ve found this research helpful in your search for a hearing care provider in Houston. If you have questions or feedback, we've love to hear from you at

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